We are committed to supplying as much information on our website as possible to help our customers make an informed decision when purchasing Hospital, Hotel and Industry Uniforms from us.

Our FAQ’s are designed to answer as many questions as possible to help and improve your shopping experience with Now Trends.

What Is Your Delivery Policy And Time Scales For Delivery?

Delivery date and time vary from every order and it’s quantity. If you order Less or Large quantity then we will sent your Product from within 10 – 20 Days.

How Do I Pay For My Order?

We accept payment by credit card, charge card, debit card or by mail order via online payment gateway. We also take order via mobile call.

How do i find my order is placed ?

Once your order is placed we send a confirmation e-mail from our store and also we contact you for further details about this order.

After payment received us the our sales team contact you, for further details like contact information, fabric and much more

How to Return ?

Return is not accept. Because we take your order based on your requirement so that size of uniforms not use for us. We providing dyeing guarantee for our customer.

What Happens If An Item Is Out Of Stock?

If you want this Product nothing  worry just call us or send email via contact us page. If we little busy and then we will contact soon and take your order through the mobile phone. After get the order we give our bank details for payment method.

After receiving the payment from our bank account then we processing your order and ready for you uniforms

What Happens If I Order The Wrong Size Garment?

Please refer to our size guide and more information about wrong size ordered can be found in contact us through mobile phone only with in 2 hours.

What Branded fabric are you used ?

Most of our products was used in Mafatlal Fabrics but we also used Best brand for our customer needs.

Our Most used brands,

  • Raymond
  • Mafatlal
  • BSL
  • Valji
  • S.Kumars